Tomcat Cookbook

I’m trying to use the Chef tomcat cookbook, here:

I need it to use tomcat 7 and the docs say I can do this by setting the
attribute node[“tomcat”][“base_version”] to 7, which I am doing.

However, it’s still installing tomcat 6. :frowning: Why?



I think another attribute might be being evaluated at another time to 6,
causing the version mismatch.

This article might help explain it better:


Don’t know what that might be because it’s not documented in the README
anywhere. :frowning:

Have you doublechecked where you set the override, to make sure that you’ve
got it set in the precedence block you think you do?


What are you looking for in the readme? The issue with attribute derivation
is explained well in the article Mike linked you to. Read and then apply it
to the attributes file in the tomcat cookbook.

I’ve never looked at the tomcat cookbook before but a few minutes of
research revealed that the issue has been reported multiple times. Check
out the issues on that cookbook and you’ll find some workarounds as well.

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The Tomcat cookbook is in a pretty bad state… the quickest path to happy
is probably going to be to write your own for the time being.