Trouble running valgrind within habitat

Greetings all,

I’m trying to run valgrind inside my habitat environment, and I’m running into the problem described here:

Are there any other good known-workarounds for getting valgrind to run within a hab environment?

Valgrind’s suggested solution is to install glibc’s debuginfo. However, a quick look through “hab pkg search glibc” doesn’t show me any debuginfo packages.

Any hints welcome! Thanks.

Hey @jeungernaut !

This would require changes in core/glibc. @fnichol is working on an update of base packages (including glibc) atm, but I don’t know if he’s planned to fix that just yet. He might give you more information on this :wink:

Yeah let’s make sure we get this in front of him this week as I think he’s pretty dang close to finished. A change like this might add another day of rebuild tests so the sooner we can get it in front of him, the better!

@fnichol appears to be already onboard with a fix. :slight_smile:

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Yep I had a call with fletcher yesterday, the base plans refresh is inbound so this is about to be resolved. I’ve marked your comment as the solution @bdangit!