Unable to run 'ssh-keys' cookbook

I am unable to run this cookbook plus many other cookbooks. in most of them I get “Converging 0 resources” and the chef-client exists.

Could someone pls help me fix this?

Thanks in advance

Do you have a ssh_keys attribute set on the node, or in a role, or some other way, specifying the username of the system user and data bag user for choosing and applying the keys?

Expects node[:ssh_keys] to be an hash containing the user name as key and data bag user name as value. Also, users can be defined by groups (see usage examples below).

You could run knife node show NODENAME --attribute ssh_keys to verify that it’s set.

The default recipe doesn’t do anything without that attribute.

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Thank you, I have added what you said, and it shows up

$ knife node show lib1 --attribute ssh_keys
root: root

I am able to deploy the key successfully.
The problem is that I am new to chef and currently in learning mode. Learned something new today. Thanks for the help.