Updates to Chef's install script and Omnitruck service


Hey Everyone,

We’ve made some updates to our mixlib-install gem as well as the install experience from Chef’s install.sh script and the omnitruck.chef.io service which that script communicates with. With these updates you’ll receive the latest and greatest Chef packages for each distribution you manage.

New With These Releases

  • Improved platform version detection on Amazon Linux including a fix for the new version string format in the final release of Amazon Linux 2.0
  • Fedora systems will now install a RHEL 7 built package instead of a RHEL 6 built package.
  • XenServer will now install the latest Chef releases with a RHEL 7 built package.

If you have an older install.sh script cached in your bootstrapping process make sure to update to the latest install.sh script to get these improvements.