Using ark cookbook from 'master' branch? Read this!


If you’re using the ark cookbook from the master branch, be aware that I
just merged the branch for COOK-2520 to use_inline_resources in the

This means that the resource going forward will only work in Chef 11+, as
use_inline_resources is not available in earlier versions. This was done
not to spite Chef 10 users, but to make the provider more reliable and
easier to reason about.

If you’re using this cookbook AND you’re on Chef 10, use the released
version on the community site (v0.1.0).

The next release of the cookbook will be v1.0.0 (the version in the repo
is 0.1.1). We have a few other issues open that were depending on
COOK-2520, which hopefully we’ll get updated and released later this week.