uWSGI and Django -- missing settings


I’m switching from gunicorn to uWSGI on a Django project.

I’m using the uwsgi cookbook. It seems to be missing some attributes
that are required for running Django, according to the Django /and/ the
uWSGI site documentation.

The Django-specific options here are:

  • chdir: The path to the directory that needs to be on Python’s import
    path – i.e., the directory containing the mysite package.
  • module: The WSGI module to use – probably the mysite.wsgi module
    that startproject
    https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/django-admin/#django-admin-startproject creates.
  • env: Should probably contain at least DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE.
  • home: Optional path to your project virtualenv.

But those are not here in the cookbook: https://github.com/50onRed/uwsgi
… with the exception of home_path.

What am I missing here? Surely people are using the uwsgi cookbook with
(On the other hand, I was sort of expecting to find an a uswsgi resource
in the application_python cookbook, but it doesn’t exist.)

How are people doing it?


Liam Kirsher
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