VMware Remote Console 10.0.2 .exe installation on Windows using CHEF


I was trying to get Vmware Remote Console [10.0.2, exe file] installed on a Windows 10 system. Based on the Vmware forum, I got to know that it needs elevated permissions on the cli if we do a silent install. Below is the recipie :

windows_package ‘VMware-VMRC-10.0.2-7096020’ do
source “http://XXXXXX/VMware-VMRC-10.0.2-7096020.exe
options “/V /Qn EULAS_AGREED=1”
#installer_type :custom
action :install

If I open a command line and “Run as administrator” and if I execute the above command with options, it installs the software without any error. However, if I do not run the command line as administrator, then once I execute the command it asks for local administrator credentials. So I think when chef-client runs, it may not be running with elevated permissions/rights. Is there any way this can be fixed ? Or how can I make this recipie to install this software ? Any thoughts will be highly appreciated.

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Just need to make sure that the user that is logging in via I presume wins is an administratror.

Hi bcorner_fan,

Thank you for your suggestion. Basically the user that runs the chef-client is administrator. I observed one more difference here. A local administrator, without explicitly running vmrc as “Run as administrator”, the installation fails. However if the same user runs it “Rus as admnistrator” it installs correctly.
Any thoughts to make this “Run as administrator” using chef ?

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Are you using an exec resource? If so you should be able to pass the username as administrator@domain