Voting open for the CBGB

Ohai Chefs!

On October 13th 2015 we announced the Chef Board of Governance (CBGB). Thanks to all of you who have nominated candidates.

Today - with a slight delay for which we apologize - looks like the recent launch got the best of us! - we are opening the voting.

As a reminder the Chef Board of Governance (CBGB) will consist of up to 12 members.

  • (1) Project Lead: Adam Jacob
  • (4) Users/Contributors
  • (4) Corporate Contributors
  • (3) Lieutenants

You can find all the details about how the board will work in this RFC

Please help getting the best possible representation for this group.

Please take the time to vote today! Voting for all categories will start on November 13 and will close on November 30. Every community member is encouraged and welcome to vote.

Once voting is closed we will contact all people elected in the hopes he will accept the duty and will announce the final CBGB on December 7th.


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