VSTS Integartion with chef

Hello, I am trying out a DevOps scenario where I want to integrate VSTS and chef.
Below will be the steps involved.
I will build app source code in VSTS and artifact will be generated.
Cookbooks are developed on a Windows Workstation and uploaded to Chef Server.
App Deployment cookbook is(https://github.com/bayernmunich/Cookbook) (which is written by us) Deepsapce cookbook dependencies are apt ,& java_se

We need our cookbook(deepspace) to fetch the new artifact generated in VSTS everytime.

Now we’re giving source url for our artifact which is hardcoded for one particular artifact but we need our cookbook to fetch new artifact, please throw some light on how to achieve this.

VSTS has a great Release Management system that will take the artifact you built and stored in its artifact repository and deploy on machines connected. Chef is not typically involved in this process, only the configuration of the system pre-requisites that you already have in your cookbook.

You should consider using Deployment Groups to achieve this “push” of your artifact onto the relevant machines and the process for restarting any services required as part of deployment. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/vsts/build-release/concepts/definitions/release/deployment-groups/

We have a VSTS extension available that offers various tasks to help with the cookbook release process, see: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=chef-software.vsts-chef-tasks and read our latest blog post describing how to use them: https://blog.chef.io/2017/12/01/integrating-chef-vsts-builds/