How to use VSTS with Chef


I don’t know anything about Microsoft and I was tasked to work with the dev team to integrate VSTS with our Chef server, please can someone guide me on how to connect the VSTS with the chef server and how will it work? Will the developers upload the source code or the packages onto the chef server or once its connected, the cookbook will define how to pull the packages from the VSTS? Is there some resources examples out there I can use? Please any help is very much appreciated!


VSTS is a fairly large surface area encompasing source control, build services and more. Are you focusing on the source control aspect? If so, which mode of source control does youer VSTS installation support? It would be either git or TFS.

Either wayChef servers do not typically talk directly to source control. There are various workflows that one can follow to align source controled cookbooks with those stored in a chef server but none include “connecting” the chef server to source control. If you are using VSTS git based source control, much of the wuire up is the same as any other git based source control.

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its using GIT, so ill be using
Thank u very much!