Web UI stopped working after hostname change & reconfigure

Just installed Chef Server on Centos 7. Had cert issues due to “hostname -f” so I changed and rebooted. Then ran “chef-server-ctl reconfigure” and rebooted again for good measure,

Now my knife commands are ok, no more cert issues, but the webUI fails with “We’re sorry, but something went wrong.”

I have seen this issue mentioned on the forum, but no one actually answered it.


I got this working so don’t spend any time answering. After I did an upgrade then a reconfigure it started working…

Glad you got it working. For future reference I was going to ask you to run chef-manage-ctl tail to see the logs from Chef Manage. That could have given some indication as to why it was failing. chef-server-ctl tail does a similar thing for Chef Server.

For future reference too: Usually the issue arise because only chef-server-ctl reconfigure has been called. Each extension should be reconfigured when changing the hostname or IP of the server.