Why do we need Chef Management console?

Hi Team

I am installing Chef 12 in Red Hat 5. When we used to work on CHef 11, we did not have to install Chef Management Console. Why is it mandatory to have it now?

Can I work with Chef without installing chef management console? If my server does not have internet connectivity, Will I be able to install Chef Management console?

Manish Mehra

On open source Chef Server 11 it was disabled by default starting from 11.1 IIRC, but it was still present, on private chef I 've no clue.

No it is not, that’s part of why it’s a premium feature and not core feature.



More information on http://docs.chef.io under the chef-server entry

I installed Chef and ran reconfigure command. Created a user and organisation. Everything ran smooth. What next?


I want to use open source version of chef. I went ahead and installed Chef server. When I am browsing “https://ip”, Chef server redirects me to “Are You Looking For the Chef Server?” page. How do I download Chef DK in this situation? What should be my next step?

You can download ChefDK from https://downloads.chef.io/chef-dk/. This is not related to your server.

Thanks @coderanger .