Chef Server manage installed but get Are You Looking For the Chef Server?

Hi All,

I am installing Chef Server on my lab environment for learning purposes. The lab environment is primarily Windows Server-based.

I’ve setup a Windows Server to host the dev kit.

I ran the commands to setup Chef Server, namely install the .deb file and reconfigure/start the server, as well as install the chef-manage solution (which I hear is deprecated???).

But when I go to the server over the web, I see;

Are You Looking For the Chef Server?

And no web ui?

Please advise :slight_smile:

Did your run opscode-manage-ctl reconfigure on you Chef server after you installed manage?

Also, as far as deprecation, a lot of the node data is moving to the automate space, but I don’t think it is officially deprecated. Leveraging the APIs and knife should be the way you want to manage the chef server though, versus leveraging the GUI.

I’ve just run this and it comes up with some terms to agree. I’m a Linux newbie (running the Chef Server on Ubuntu), how can I agree to all of this and run this command?

Hitting space should continue down the agreement and get you to a prompt to
answer yes/no.

I get to the bottom, which says END. What would I then do?