Why don't work search and how to search in run_list (for example with knife search)?

I put clients to bacula server config with this command:

template “/etc/bacula/conf.d/clients.conf” do
source "etc/bacula/conf.d/clients.conf.erb"
mode 0640
notifies :restart, resources(:service=>“bacula-director”)
:autofindclients => search(:node, ‘recipes:cbacula::client’)

But If any node has in the run list needed recipe, but do not run this
recipe the last time (chef-client was run with -o attribute
"any_other_recipe_list") then search don’t work.

I think that this is not good for me. But when I analysing this
behaviour I found some mistakes how i can understand.

This mistakes/problems is in search behaviour. Search does not return
true nodes, even despite the fact that it must do it ( see knife search
node by hostname). You can see that node has necessary recipes. But
knife returns only one node (backup)

#knife search node "recipes:cbacula::client"
1 items found

Node Name: backup.example.lab
Environment: examplelab
FQDN: backup.example.lab
Run List: role[backup_server], recipe[cbacula::client]
Roles: backup_server
Recipes: cbacula::database, cbacula::director, cbacula::storage,
cbacula::webacula, cbacula::client
Platform: ubuntu 12.04

But I have another node that has just performed a recipe:

I search the node with this command:

knife search node "hostname:zeus"
1 items found

Node Name: zeus.example.lab
Environment: examplelab
FQDN: zeus.example.lab
Run List: recipe[apt], role[ntp_server], recipe[cftp],
recipe[cnfs::server], recipe[cinotify],
role[nut_apcrt5000xl_serverroom_server], recipe[fail2ban],
recipe[csquiddebproxy::server], recipe[csquiddebproxy],
Roles: ntp_server, nut_apcrt5000xl_serverroom_server
Recipes: apt, ntp, cftp, cnfs::server, cinotify, nut, fail2ban,
csquiddebproxy::server, csquiddebproxy, cbacula::client
Platform: ubuntu 12.04

Why first search command does not include result with this (zeus) node ?

And I have another question:

I want to search nodes, which run_list contain my recipe. But I cannot
find any examples how can i do this with knife and in the recipe.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

CVisionLab System Administrator
Vladmir Skubriev