Will chef work on ubuntu 16

Good Day

We currently use chef community server on Ubuntu 14 and also have SmartOS and other Ubuntu 14 servers bootstrapped to our chef server.

We are in the process of upgrading our servers to Ubuntu 16. Will I be able to install Chef Server and Workstation on Ubuntu 16 and also use the chef-client on Ubuntu 16?


I haven’t tried the server yet, but the client seems to work fine.

Thanks Tom

I am trying to install the server now but are running into a few issues. Seems that when i try to do chef-server-ctl install chef-manage i get the following:

Err:7 https://packagecloud.io/chef/stable/ubuntu lucid/main Sources
404 Not Found
Err:8 https://packagecloud.io/chef/stable/ubuntu lucid/main amd64 Packages
404 Not Found

Will try and do the install with the downloaded packages instead

I wouldn’t recommend running Chef Server on an unsupported platform, even if it “works” (note: I don’t know if it works). Seems like a bad idea, especially if you need support.

No arguing with you there Shabby but even on 14.04 I got the above problem when I did the installation on there. But for the life of me I cant remember how if got around it.

So I’ve never installed Chef Server but this packagecloud.io thing you mentioned surprises me a bit. You can go to http://packagecloud.io/chef/stable/ubuntu and get the same error 404.
Packages can be downloaded from https://packages.chef.io/stable/ubuntu/.
It’s also weird that your error references lucid, a.k.a. Ubuntu 10.04. It’s possible the script is unable to detect your version of Ubuntu correctly and defaults to Ubuntu 10 even though Chef dropped support for it after 12.3.0.

You might want to join the IRC meeting today, there is an RFC to get 16.04 officially supported.

it did exactly the same on 14.04. At least I got it working on 16 now by downloading the packages first en then installing them.

will do thanks

Make sure you’ve got the latest chef server package. Chef recently switched
from packagecloud to another artifact hosting provider, and newer versions
of Chef server will use the correct package locations.

fyi I don’t think there’s a build-in test kitchen vagrant ubuntu 16.04 platform yet. I had some luck with
box: box-cutter/ubuntu1604
(and no luck with ubuntu/xenial64)

We do have a 16.04 Bento image up. Make sure you have the latest ChefDK so you get the newest Test Kitchen. The newer releases pull the images from their new location in Hashicorp Atlas.

Just an update:
I did my tests and installations:

My chef-server runs 100% on Ubuntu16 and I have no issues bootstrapping to ubuntu14, Smartos or even my Ubuntu16 servers and running chef-client on them.