Windows bootstarp issue


I am trying a test cookbook to create a file on windows node and hitting the following error

PS C:\CHEFworkstation\CBS_CHEF\chef-starter\chef-repo> knife bootstrap windows winrm --winrm-user Administrator --winrm-password ‘XXXXXX’ --node-name node1 --run-list ‘recipe[wintest]’

Error: invalid option: --winrm-user
USAGE: knife bootstrap [SSH_USER@]FQDN (options)
–bootstrap-curl-options OPTIONS
Add options to curl when install chef-client
–bootstrap-install-command COMMANDS
Custom command to install chef-client
–bootstrap-no-proxy [NO_PROXY_URL|NO_PROXY_IP]
Do not proxy locations for the node being bootstrapped; this option is used internally by Opscode

I have already installed chef gem install knife-windows. but still getting the above error


If you have already run chef gem install knife-windows, it is likely that the knife bootstrap command is accessing a different ruby environment. This usuallyindicates a problem with your PATH which is most easily fixed by either using the provided chef-dk shell desktop shortcut or by running chef shell-init powershell | Invoke-Expression.


Thank you … Ruby path was the issue
chef shell-init powershell | Invoke-Expression worked.