Windows Cookbook v1.36.0 Released


We’ve released a minor update to the Windows Cookbook, but it includes
some big things!

  • The cookbook is now compatible with Chef 12, specifically
    windows_package (PR 151)
  • Alex Slynko fixed a bug in the windows_task LWRP related to the use
    of shell_out! (PR 145)
  • Justin Schuhmann and Quentin Madec added documentation for the zip
    action of windows_zipfile (PR 144, 110)
  • Sander Botman added a font LWRP (PR 148)
  • Pete West added enable and disable actions to the task LWRP (PR 129)
  • Ben Dean fixed a minor issue on Chef 10 (PR 115)
  • Tom Parker handled an edge case in the servermanager feature provider (PR 88)

The changelog is available here:

We also added a test-kitchen framework for testing the cookbook. I’m
pretty excited about this one, as we’re working toward making
test-kitchen seamless running on Windows. You can run 'bundle install’
and ‘bundle exec kitchen test’ if you’ve got test-kitchen (chef-dk),
virtualbox, and vagrant on your system. We’d love any feedback on

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