Windows `hab` Builds - Testing Help Wanted!

We’ve got Windows builds of the hab command going and AppVeyor set up for CI on master and incoming pull requests - but there’s still lots of work to do!

Want to try it out?

NOTE: This is pre-release quality, only use in a test environment.

If you’ve got chocolatey, it is as easy as:

choco install hab --confirm -s  --allowemptychecksums --pre --force

I’m working on adding nightly or CI based builds - so to update to the latest build, you could use:

choco upgrade hab --confirm -s  --allowemptychecksums -v --pre --force

Things I know that don’t work yet:

  • hab studio
  • hab pkg build
  • hab pkg exec

Things that don’t work quite right

  • hab setup properly sets up your configuration, but on a per drive basis (so if you run it from a working directory somewhere on C:, then change to somewhere on D:, hab would not see your configuration.
  • 'hab pkg install` sort of installs packages onto your file system (again scoped by the current drive). It pulls down linux packages and properly unpacks them, unless there is a symlink.
  • 'hab pkg path` provides a non-drive qualified path
  • hab pkg provides searches packages installed in on the current drive.

Things that shouldn’t work

  • hab pkg binlink
  • hab pkg export
  • hab sup

Help us move faster!

We could really use a hand for those folks interested in testing some of the sub-commands, specifically:

  • hab config apply
  • hab file upload
  • hab origin key download
  • hab origin key export
  • hab origin key generate
  • hab origin key import
  • hab origin key upload
  • hab pkg hash
  • hab pkg search
  • hab pkg sign
  • hab pkg upload
  • hab pkg verify
  • hab ring key export
  • hab ring key generate
  • hab ring key import
  • hab service key generate
  • hab user key generate
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I did the following:

`hab setup` (worked)
`hab user key generate` (worked)
`hab origin key generate` (worked)
`hab pkg search` (worked)

Nice work!

Thanks @sntxrr! Appreciate the help!