Windows `hab` Dev Build - Now With Studio Support

I’ve just published an updated dev build of hab that supports entering a studio via Docker (similar to behavior on the Mac) for building x64 Linux applications.

Please give it a whirl and file any bugs (or share them with me in #windows in Habitat Slack)!

If you are looking for a way to contribute - running through the tutorial from a Windows host would be a great help!

If you’ve got chocolatey, it is as easy as:

choco install hab --confirm -s  --allowemptychecksums --pre --force

If you have an earlier build installed to update to the latest build, you can use:

choco upgrade hab --confirm -s  --allowemptychecksums -v --pre --force

Because this is a dev build, there is no matching studio version, so you’ll need to set $env:HAB_DOCKER_STUDIO_IMAGE = ''

I had some luck with this, getting all the way to hab studio enter on the tutorials from the choco install - coming along!