Windows_task stops chef-client periodic run

Hi ,
I have chef client to pull recipes to run at every 1 minute i.e. chef-client command will run on node at 1 minute interval.
But what I have observed is if I add windows_task resource to schedule a task at some time then as soon as scheduled task gets created on node, periodic run of chef-client also stops.
To start its periodic run again, user manually needs to run the chef-client command on node.

This is causing us a problem to achieve the required automation. Please help me on this.
Am i doing anything wrong ?

do both tasks have the same task name? If so, one would overwrite the other. The task name is either the task_name property of the resource or the name of the resource.

A 1 minute chef run is very aggressive since chef probably takes more than 1 minute to run. If you are planning on scaling this, a 5,10 or 30 minute interval might be more appropriate.

Thanks Matt.
your suggestion resolved the issue. I had the same name for windows_task (chef-client). Changing the windows_task name resolved the issue.

sure. I will consider this whenever we will move to production