A Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) is now required with code contributions


Today is the day we cut-over to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) as the means for each contributor to certify this his or her changes are permissible and in accordance with the project’s license.

This change was previously announced on the Chef blog post “Introducing Developer Certificate of Origin”, was previously discussed in-depth as part of the Chef RFC process, and was adopted as Chef RFC 80.

Moving forward all commits to Chef-maintained open source software projects must include a “Signed-off-by” line indicating the name and email address of the contributor signing off on the change.

The CONTRIBUTING.md file in the main Chef project has been updated to describe the DCO requirements. This file will be linked from other projects as well and will generally serve as the canonical description of our contribution process.

Over the coming days and weeks we anticipate some additional improvements will be made to the process based on our collective experience and feedback. Remember to sign-off on your commits and remember that the obvious fix policy still applies.

Let us know if you run into any issues or have suggestions for improvement to the process.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the RFC discussion as well as everyone who has worked behind-the-scenes to enable and configure the DCO bot and webhooks with a special call out to Tim Smith (@tas50) who has been driving many of the updates internally.

Thanks for your desire to contribute to Chef’s open source projects!

Nathen Harvey
VP, Community Development