Adding a node in acceptance and rehersal stages


i did an installation of chef delivery using SSH and while installing i have provided the details of chef server and other server details like build. while i trigger “deliver review” command it will trigger a now job and duing acceptance stage i would like to view the change before hitting the production servers.

How could i do the same like attaing instance for acceptance , union and rehersal stage. so i can view the changes.

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in answering, we weren’t receiving notifications from Discourse for a few days.

I’m not sure if I understand your question. Are you asking how you can pause and review changed in Union and Rehearsal? After Acceptance is the last manual gate (Deliver) and once this is complete, the change moves automatically through the remaining staged of the shared pipeline (Union, Rehearsal, Delivered) without further human gates. I hope this helps but please clarify if not.