Change does not begin processing

Working through the tutorial, I am in Step 2 Increment the awesome cookbook version. I have successfully started delivery review but the Delivery UI is stuck on “This change will begin processing in a moment”.

In case it’s relevant, the last entry in logs/delivery/delivery/current is:

2015-12-23_18:22:02.42879 18:22:02.428 [info] Executing "git-shell -c \"git-receive-pack '/var/opt/delivery/delivery/git_repos/5f/21/95/ef/668d-42de-82ef-bec5a434e1bc'\"" with env [{"DELIV_USER","admin"},{"DELIV_ENTERPRISE","test"},{"DELIV_ORGANIZATION","Development"},{"DELIV_PROJECT","deliver-customers-rhel"},{"DELIV_HTTP_PORT","9611"},{"LANG","en_US.UTF-8"}]
2015-12-23_18:22:02.60710 18:22:02.606 [info] ssh_authz for {<<"test">>,<<"Development">>,<<"deliver-customers-rhel">>,<<"admin">>,write} => allow
2015-12-23_18:22:05.61891 18:22:05.611 [info] checking authorization for <<"test">>/<<"admin">> at enterprise scope
2015-12-23_18:22:46.04865 18:22:46.048 [info] checking authorization for <<"test">>/<<"admin">> at enterprise scope

I seem to be making a habit of finding the answer shortly asking for help, apologies. For the record, this problem occurred because I managed to commit an invalid .delivery/config.json file to the server. This is how:

  1. Edited config.json and omitted a comma. Committed it.
  2. delivery review told me there was a syntax error. I fixed it but forgot to commit it.
  3. ran delivery review again, which happily read from the fixed config file and committed the broken config.