An mistake in the Learn Chef tutorial in module: Manage a node with Chef Automation

Hi Doc Maintainer,

I discovered a mistake in the chef tutorial
Track: Continuous Automation
Module: Manage a node with Chef Automation

The mistake is in the code snippet /tmp/ Line 48,
chef-server-ctl install opscode-push-jobs-server --path ~/downloads/opscode-push-jobs-server_2.2.2-1_amd64.deb.

Since you download your package in the /download folder in the previous step, refer to the command:
wget -nv -P /downloads

So, the package path should be
chef-server-ctl install opscode-push-jobs-server --path /downloads/opscode-push-jobs-server_2.2.2-1_amd64.deb

Hope you can fix it.
Best regards
Yangkai Lyu

Hi @yangkai,

I caught your similar post on the Learn Chef site, and replied there. Thanks again for the feedback; I’ll patch that up (and get to your other question) shortly!

Thank you very much!