[ANNOUNCE] Facebook "core cookbooks" released

Ohai Chefs!

Last week Facebook released a bunch of our “core cookbooks” as we call them
(https://github.com/facebook/chef-cookbooks). Across all the various public
talks I’ve done about our model and the code we’ve released, one constant was
people wanting not just to know how to use our model, but to be able to have a
more drop-in version of it to start with: and so we spent a lot of time to
factor out the FB bits and release these.

In addition to the general release I also want to call your attention to a
specific cookbook: fb_fstab. It is by far the most complex one there. The
problems with the mount resource are well known… the usual limitations of
trying to manage parts of a file hit that resource particularly hard. fb_fstab
manages /etc/fstab and mounts in a holistic way that many of you may find to be
a significantly preferrable (though it takes more work to roll out).

In addition to that are 14 more cookbooks and a bunch of updated documentation.
We hope folks find them useful. You can read the blog post about it all here:

You can find the code here:

Please be aware that these cookbooks assume a very different model than most
people and are not designed to play well with cookbooks that don’t use that
model, so use with caution.

And I’ll be at ChefConf in July if you wanna chat with me about it.

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