[ANNOUNCE] Grocery-Delivery and Taste-Tester releases!

Ohai Chefs!

Today we’ve cut long overdue releases of our two biggest chef tools:
Grocery-Delivery and Taste-Tester.

Grocery-Delivery is a tool for keeping your Chef Server(s) in sync with your
VCS repository - i.e. continuous delivery to your Chef Server(s). Taste-Tester
is a tool for managing chef-zero instances as a testing infrastructure and
being able to leverage production systems for real tests.

Changelogs are here:


  • Support for Mercurial (via between-meals 0.0.6)
  • Support for pushing cookbooks through berkshelf
  • Support for logging to stdout for use in contbuild systems


  • Support for Mercurial (via between-meals 0.0.6)
  • Honor user-specified chef_client_command everywhere
  • Various help message fixes
  • Let user specify repo type
  • Let user override SSH command
  • Honor --skip_repo_checks more consistently
  • Better error messages
  • Support for auto repo type
  • Fix bug in determining default role directory
  • Fix bug in determining default databag directory

(Between meals is a library they both use which was also released today.)

taste-tester-0.0.10, grocery-delivery-0.0.7, and between-meals-0.0.6 are all
available on rubygems.org.

Source and info available on github: