Delivery-sugar 1.7 released

Hi Chefs,

We’re happy to announce the release of delivery-sugar 1.7 today, available for download on GitHub or Supermarket. This version of the cookbook includes a number of enhancements from community contributors. Many thanks to all of you!

jcalonsoh - Support for Delivery test kitchen with vsphere (full details can be found in the ReadMe)
johnbyrneio and vendoran - Parameterized timeout for Delivery test kitchen on Windows
mattlqx - Added change_log to dsl for retrieving commit entries
jerryaldrichiii - Fixes to ReadMe formatting
mattstratton - Added the resource delivery_inspec to enable your projects to run any InSpec tests in the cookbook against your nodes in Acceptance, Union, Rehearsal, or Delivered. Supports Linux or Windows nodes.

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