Any timeline for providing Ubuntu 18.04 packages via apt repo?


New subscriber (and very much a new user/learner of Chef in general), so my apologies if this has already been asked and answered (I did search!):

Is there a specific plan to provide packages for Ubuntu 18.04 (ChefDK, Client, etc) via the apt repo? My assumption was that the 18.04 packages were still being tested in some sort of Q/A process, but I wanted to double-check and confirm that was the case.

According to the documentation, these are the only supported distributions:

  • Ubuntu 12.04: precise
  • Ubuntu 14.04: trusty
  • Ubuntu 16.04: xenial

Thank you for your time!

Until the distro file gets fixed for 18.04 you can use the 14.04 channel. We only build on 14.04 and ship the exact same artifact to 16.04 and 18.04.

For older artifacts they have not been explicitly QA tested on 18.04 but omnibus builds only require the glibc compatibility layer to work and it is very reliable. The old chef-client code of course, may be buggy on 18.04 but that has nothing to do with the build artifact (i.e. busted old providers will be busted).

Thanks for the info. It sounds like you plan on providing native 18.04 packages at some point, but for now the 14.04 distribution should be used.

Any odd side-effects to be concerned with regarding using 18.04 to author cookbooks? Most of our clients are still 14.04 and 16.04 with the goal to standardize on 16.04 for the time being.