Automate missing nodes

Hello all,

I’m working on setting up chef automate and I’m seeing multiple “MIssing Nodes” list. I’ve checked the Chef 12 server and all of the “Missing Nodes” are not listed. I get the same results with ‘knife node list’. So I checked the logs in /var/log/opscode on the Chef server and I’m seeing {{<<"method=GET; path=/organizations/xxx/nodes/’ status=401; " >>,“Unauthorized”} in the current log and status=201, in the opscode-reporting/reporting.log.

I’m thinking that the node is still in the database, but I’m not sure how to remove them. knife node/client delete both come back with ERROR: The object you are looking for could not be found.

So running the automate-ctl delete-visibility-node command appears to be correcting this issues

I had this same issue of missing nodes after having to rebuild a Chef Server. Due to the rebuild I had to bootstrap all of my nodes again which gave them a new UUID in Chef Automate. I couldn’t find the sub-command ‘delete-visibility-node’ on the Chef docs for the automate-ctl command. I fixed this issue by doing the following:

First get a list of all nodes known to Chef Automate server

automate-ctl node-summary

From the results look at the status column for the ‘missing’ nodes. One node at a time, copy the UUID of a missing node to use in the next command

automate-ctl delete-node -u (paste UUID here)

Confirm that you wish to proceed. Now if you refresh your Chef Automate GUI or run the node-summary command again you should see the missing node no longer exists.