Chef Automate -- Remove deleted nodes

Part of the normal lifecycle around my place is that VMs will get created with VMware vRA, they will live say a week. The vRA provisioning process includes Chef on the VM. When a VM is destroyed by vRA it is also removed from the Chef Server.

I see that I have a recently destroyed VM in my “Missing Nodes” on Visibility. The VM has been removed from the Chef Server.

Will Automate/Viz sync up after a period of time? I don’t see a way to remove the node from Viz.


normally the node should disappear as soon as you do a “knife node delete nodename” for example. Can you please verify that the node is shown in Visibility when you remove a node manually?


I’ll get you a test of that as soon as I can stomp out all of my fires.

That doesn’t seem to be a very automated way of doing things. And if the node has been deleted from the chef server doing knife node delete doesn’t remove the node from Automate - it just gives a object not found error. I know there’s a lambda function to do the chef part, it would be nice if there was also something that could remove orphan nodes in Automate as well.