Automation using chef and azure-managed components

Hi !

First of all, a little bit of background from me : I come from a shop where chef is heavily used (we have a chef-client running on all of our barematel servers) and things are automated very well. It has been possible because we use a homogenous environnment, and use a chef-server and we are able to get the state of all our fleet with querying our chef-server. And in practice, this works really well.

Now I wonder if there is some literature existing that talk about using chef with Azure-managed components (that is, without a chef-client running).

As an example, I like the idea of having web nodes control a load-balancer and auto-add themselves when convergence is successful.

However, I wonder if this kind of model works well in practice, especially when you get a growing number of web node that could lead to concurrency problems in Azure.

There is a workshop in the upcoming chef conf called Workshop: Recipe for Success: Automating with Chef on the Microsoft Platform but are they targeting Windows OS or Azure is not clear to me.

So I’d like to hear your thought when one needs to automate in a heterogenous environnment.

Thank you

I’ve seen a cookbook but it doesn’t seem actively developed anymore.

Can’t believe no one is using chef to manage Azure :thinking:

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At least, can somebody from Chef software or Microsoft gives an update to the status of this cookbook and the status of this relationship between Azure and Chef software ?