Chef Provisioning driver available for Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

Ohai Chefs!

Those of you who are interested in provisioning in the Microsoft Azure world, I’ve released an experimental version of a Chef Provisioning driver for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) on GitHub.

The driver offers a very lightweight way of using the new style Azure Resource Manager templates to provision complete application topologies, as well as using the Azure Chef VM Extensions to install and register Chef Client on each deployed node rather than bootstrapping externally (VMs created in Azure no longer necessarily have any internet access at boot time).

This driver should be seen as experimental/prototype, and there are some interesting limitations compared to how you might dream about a Chef Provisioning driver working… but I’m putting it out there for early feedback (PRs are very welcome too!)

The latest version is up on Rubygems and you can read further info at the README.md


Stuart Preston
Technical Director