Unable to provision Azure infrastructure


Hello team,

I was unable to provision VM on Azure with chef-provisioning Azure. I had a problem with the specifications and my configuration file is as follows.

require 'chef/provisioning/azure_driver’
with_driver 'azure’
machine_options = {
:bootstrap_options => {
:cloud_service_name => ‘pendricachefcemo01’,
:storage_account_name => ‘pendricachefdemo01’,
:vm_size => “Small”,
:location => ‘West US’

Until SSH keys are supported (soon)

:password => “P2ssw0rd”

machine ‘penchefdemo01’ do
machine_options machine_options

The above file is generation no implicit conversion from nil to string error at machine and machine_options

Could anyone specify the reason why I am facing this issue.


Are you using chef-provisioning-azure or chef-provisioning-azurerm?


I am using chef-provisioning-azure


I’d suggest giving chef-provisioning-azurerm a shot. @stuartpreston has done some amazing work with it and you should be using the RM drivers instead of the legacy anyway :smile:


ha kk .thank you…can you please share the relivent informtiom(any artical links) regarding the same


Unfortunately no, I’m on my phone. But chef-provisioning-azurerm is on github and I’d just end up googling articles for you anyway. So as they say teach a man to fish, or better yet teach a man to google.


haha…thanks a lot @jjasghar. But I are having the same issue.