Unable to provision Azure infrastructure

Hello team,

I was unable to provision VM on Azure with chef-provisioning Azure. I had a problem with the specifications and my configuration file is as follows.

require 'chef/provisioning/azure_driver’
with_driver 'azure’
machine_options = {
:bootstrap_options => {
:cloud_service_name => ‘pendricachefcemo01’,
:storage_account_name => ‘pendricachefdemo01’,
:vm_size => “Small”,
:location => ‘West US’

Until SSH keys are supported (soon)

:password => “P2ssw0rd”

machine ‘penchefdemo01’ do
machine_options machine_options

The above file is generation no implicit conversion from nil to string error at machine and machine_options

Could anyone specify the reason why I am facing this issue.

Are you using chef-provisioning-azure or chef-provisioning-azurerm?

I am using chef-provisioning-azure

I’d suggest giving chef-provisioning-azurerm a shot. @stuartpreston has done some amazing work with it and you should be using the RM drivers instead of the legacy anyway :smile:

ha kk .thank you…can you please share the relivent informtiom(any artical links) regarding the same

Unfortunately no, I’m on my phone. But chef-provisioning-azurerm is on github and I’d just end up googling articles for you anyway. So as they say teach a man to fish, or better yet teach a man to google.

haha…thanks a lot @jjasghar. But I are having the same issue.

@jjasghar Hi i am looking chef and azure integrations. I saw that chef-provisioning-azurerm has been deprecated now and it no longer supports latest versions of chef. Could you suggest any other way?


Chef Provisioning and therefore the Chef Provisioning driver for AzureRM are indeed deprecated. Most modern examples will lead you towards Hashicorp Terraform tooling. https://www.terraform.io/