Azure cosmosdb installation

Hi Team I need to install cosmosdb in our environment (azure) through chef. Can you please assist if there is any already existing cookbooks or any reference you can provide.


You're probably using the wrong tool for the job here. Chef (Client) is generally used to manage the policy on IaaS compute resources, not to provision complete cloud architectures.

As a suggestion, you could do this with Azure native tooling using an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template, or using dedicated resource provisioning tools and resources such as Terraform azurerm_cosmosdb_account.


Thank you for your immediate response.

We have a portal that communicates with multiple clouds(azure, aws etc) and provisions vm(using fog) on those clouds according to the requirement.
We have an option to add (mssql, MySQL, tomcat,oracle,java etc ) as a component while provisioning those vms as per the requirement. All these components are made available through chef cookbooks. Similarly we want to add cosmosdb as a component when we provision a vm in azure cloud.
I did not find any cookbook available in the chef supermarket. It will be great if you can just help me with the cosmosdb installation cookbook or any reference related to that.

CosmosDB is not a component that runs on a VM, it is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that runs in Azure's infrastructure. ref:

You should have a look at how your portal creates the VM in Azure, it's likely that some of the same technologies could be used to provision a CosmosDB account. For example, I see the fog-azure-rm module has the ability to execute an ARM deployment.

Unfortunately provisioning resources like this is well outside the realm of Chef.


Thank You