Bootstrap problem

I am unable to bootstrap my ubuntu node .
Following command I have used to bootstrap
knife bootstrap username@i.p.address --bootstrap-proxy -P xxxxx -N “node_name” --sudo

The error I am getting is dpkg: error: requested operation requires superuser privilege

Please help me out. I am stuck

I usually use:

Knife bootstrap x.x.x.x -r runlist -E environment -N nodename -x sshuser -P sshpassword --sudo

The user you are using is not root, and the --sudo doesn’t seem to be working. You may want to rearrange the arguments (I don’t think they are position sensitive, but you never know) and put the --sudo earlier. Also check the log files on the node if there is any error sudo-related, and check the sudoers file to make sure the user can actually sudo.

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