Bug bounty redux


Nathen Harvey and the folks over at CustomInk were awesome enough to
take a random joke and convert it into a t-shirt for me. It totally
violates all the Opscode trade and service marks. Since I don't feel
like incurring legal charges at this time, I've made peace with myself
(and hopefully Opscode) by offering to fix a bug in Chef. The problem
is I don't know which one to fix!

I'd like it to be a REALLY annoying one that has been sitting around
for a while. The problem is getting feedback from users on which one
it is. My thought was if people could go vote up the appropriate bug
in JIRA, that would be the easiest way. I'm sure btm has other
thoughts but I wanted to get it on the radar.

My only request is that it not be a Windows specific bug. I really
don't have the resources to fix them but if that's the will of the
community, I'll do it.

Also if you need t-shirts done, seriously say thanks to the CustomInk
folks for being awesome community members and for "sponsoring" this by
checking them out. You can see the awesome job they did on mine here:


John E. Vincent