Chef 0.10.10 Timeline

Chef 0.10.10 approaches, full of great things.

On Monday 4/23 we’re going to review the remaining patches for Chef
and “feature freeze.”

We will only be accepting bug fixes and regressions for inclusion in
0.10.10 until Thursday 4/26 when we will ship a release candidate.
After that time we’re only going to merge fixes for regressions in
0.10.10 from 0.10.8.

We plan to ship “0.10.10 Final” the week of 4/30. After that time
we’ll be branching master into 0.10-stable so we can begin merging new
features for Chef 11 into master. Please keep this in mind when you
rebase your topic branches in May.

There’s a beta release out there already (gem install chef --pre) for
you start testing on your infrastructure. Please do and file any
issues you find at

We’re also planning an Ohai release in the next month.

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