Chef 0.5.2 and Ohai 0.1.4

Hi everyone!
I’m pleased to announce the release of Chef 0.5.2 and Ohai 0.1.4. I’m
giving this releases MVP award to Bryan McLellan, who added support for
Cron, Routes, and FreeBSD in the last two weeks. Way to go, sir.

Summarized list of changes:

** Chef
Bryan McLellan added FreeBSD package and service providers, making Chef
available to FreeBSD users!

Because he is a machine, Bryan also added Cron and Route support.

Gentoo Portage support was dramatically improved, thanks to Ezra and Tim

Because it confused everyone who used it, we changed the way you specify
Link resources. The new syntax is:

link “/tmp/somefile” do
to "/etc/passwd"

Make sure you update any recipes that are using Link before the 0.5.2

We fixed an irritating bug where badly behaved children would force Chef to
block forever trying to read their STDOUT or STDERR - if you’ve been having
issues with Chef hanging (particularly calling things like Red Hat init
scripts) they are no longer an issue with 0.5.2.

Speaking of Init Scripts, Lee Jensen added support for Gentoo services
management, and I added one for Red Hat (and its derivatives).

AJ wrangled the Group Provider in to shape - you can now add group members
properly. He also did a huge number of bug fixes. Thanks AJ!

All this and more are in Chef 0.5.2! Take a look at the Changelog at for full details.

** Ohai
EC2 meta-data is now available through Ohai. Thanks to Ben Black, Tim
Dysinger, and Ezra.

Paul Nasrat helped track down a bug in our test suite that was causing false
errors. Thanks, Paul - your a life-saver.

FreeBSD attributes are now available in Ohai (Bryan McLellan).

OpenSolaris attributes are now available in Ohai.

Per-Interface ARP tables are now available in Ohai.

Joe Williams added an Erlang language plugin.

Java has been added to the language list by Ben Black.

Check out the Changelog at

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