Ohai 0.3.2 Release

Ohai, we have a nice release for you today!

Our MVP for Ohai 0.3.2 is James Gartrell, for adding Windows support!
He had an itch to scratch, and thanks to his contribution, the whole
community benefits! We’re excited because this brings us one step
closer to also having Chef available for Windows. Now that Ohai can
detect Windows as the platform, Chef can select providers - that is,
when there’s providers for resources on Windows. Thank you James! He
would like to give a shout out to Holly (also pictured), as Windows
support wouldn’t have been possible without her :-).

Along with Windows support comes a new dependency on the "systemu"
gem. This should be installed automatically with a gem update, but
please be aware. We have posted a document on the Wiki about
installing Ohai on Windows.

We’d also like to recognize other community members for contributions
in this release. Our new contributor Grant Zanetti fixed an issue
where Red Hat derivatives would report the hostname as the fully
qualified domain name (somehost.example.com instead of somehost).
Scott Likens found an issue on gentoo where lsmod wasn’t found and
causing an exception. Finally, while he didn’t submit a patch, Bryan
McLellan gets credit for adding uptime to Darwin/OSX because his
plugin for FreeBSD worked, with a minor path change.

Opscode folks contributed as well. Nuo Yan made a couple updates to
fix filesystem reporting in Windows, and verified the changes James
made would cleanly merge. Adam Jacob made network media information
more usable on OSX. Joshua Timberman updated the README.rdoc to be
more developer-centric, and added the Ohai Windows installation

On to the release notes!
Release Notes - Ohai - Version 0.3.2

* [OHAI-93] - plugin linux::kernel threw exception

#<Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory - /sbin/lsmod>
* [OHAI-99] - Network media hash on darwin is nigh-unsable
* [OHAI-100] - hostname output differs between redhat dirivatives
and debian dirivatives distributions
* [OHAI-102] - no uptime data for darwin/osx


* [OHAI-98] - update readme.rdoc to focus more on

developing/contributing for ohai

New Feature

* [OHAI-65] - Get ohai working on windows


* [OHAI-97] - Fix git clone link in readme