Chef 0.7.10 Release

Hi all,

Today I bring to you a tasty new release of Chef, courtesy of our
fantastic MVP, Daniel (kallistec) DeLeo. Dan scoops the MVP for a
snappy refactor, and some very cool in-progress SCM work which I’m
sure we’ll all see soon.

This release of Chef focuses upon stability and compatibility over
features, and so will the next (0.7.12).

In 0.7.8 we introduced a new method to set Node Attributes:

set_unless[:apache][:dir] = "/etc/httpd"
set_unless.apache.prefork.startservers = 16
In addition to ‘set_unless’, ‘default’ is now usable. We felt this
matched the intended behavior :

default[:apache][:dir] = "/etc/httpd"
default.apache.prefork.startservers = 16
We’ve added compatibility with CouchDB 0.10 (CHEF-515) for Ubuntu
Karmic Koala support.

Matthew “Lebron” Kent came back to help with compatibility for Ruby
1.8.5 (CHEF-497, CHEF-481) which re-enables Debian Etch and CentOS 5

The Gem provider is once again operational when installing specific
versions thanks to a sneaky fix by Graeme Mathieson (CHEF-488) - what
a great flavor!

A particularly nasty bug relating to variable binding in Template
resources was identified and resolved, allowing you to pass Node
Attribute data directly again (CHEF-492).

Release Notes - Chef - Version 0.7.10


[CHEF-287] - chef client logging to file only dumps periodically
[CHEF-362] - regression: mixlib-config 1.0.10 breaks log_location=
[CHEF-476] - merb-slices gem not installed with new chef server
install on ubuntu 9.0.4
[CHEF-481] - 0.7.6 breaks Centos5
[CHEF-488] - When installing a gem_package, the version parameter
needs to be quoted
[CHEF-492] - Attributes aren’t quite hash enough to fool variables()
method in templates
[CHEF-494] - Multiple roles’ default_attributes are not merged
correctly on the node
[CHEF-497] - Status page fails to work under ruby 1.8.5
[CHEF-500] - server.rb log_location truncation take two
[CHEF-512] - Update chef config for pending mixlib-config
config_attr_writer fix
[CHEF-525] - Spec failures in node/attribute_spec.rb

[CHEF-449] - use the basename of the target path as the default for
the template, remote_file and remote_directory sources
[CHEF-493] - Alias set_unless with “default” in attributes.rb
[CHEF-509] - add man pages, initscripts and other goods from packaging
[CHEF-515] - chef-server needs to be compatible with couchdb 0.10.0
[CHEF-524] - Chef::Platform.find_provider_for_node is always used to
get an instance of the provider (code duplication)

Arjuna Christensen, Software Development Engineer
Opscode, Inc.