Release: Chef 0.7.4


Ohai Chefs!

As you probably noticed we didn’t do a blog post for Chef 0.7.2’s
release as it was in the middle of VelocityConf. Thanks to our
excellent and observant community, some bugs crept into that release,
so we went ahead and updated to 0.7.4 today.

We’d like to note our MVP for 0.7.2 is Joshua Sierles, for a lot of
the leg work in finding and reporting bugs related to Roles and
Metadata when using Chef Solo.

For 0.7.4, MVP is Hongli Lai from Phusion. We’re totally stoked to
have Phusion contributing, and Hongli jumped right in with a fix for a
100% CPU utilization bug, moved search from chef-server to chef to
improve spec testing, and fixed an openid authorization check in the
web interface.

Other excellent members of the community had a hand in fixing bugs in
both versions, including Mark Imbriaco, Joe Williams, Caleb Tennis,
Matthew Kent, and Scott Likens. Thanks guys for reporting bugs and
fixing them!

AJ sent out the 0.7.2 release notes already, so here’s 0.7.4’s. This
is a small but important release.

Release Notes - Chef - Version 0.7.4

** Bug
* [CHEF-388] - rake task new_cookbook generates empty version
* [CHEF-399] - Unit test fixes and 100% CPU bug
* [CHEF-401] - After Install Phusion throws a Runtime Error
because of the log file
* [CHEF-402] - Weird characters on the bottom of status page
* [CHEF-403] - Capitals in authorized_open_id_identifiers
* [CHEF-404] - openid consumer only valid for http://

** Improvement
* [CHEF-363] - we should kick out logged in openids if they
become unauthorized

** New Feature
* [CHEF-381] - Ruby Block Resource

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