Chef 0.7.2 Release



I’ve just tagged and released Chef 0.7.2. This was a maintenance
release, but I’m glad we managed to fix a few of the important bugs
that slipped through into 0.7.0.

Release Notes - Chef - Version 0.7.2

** Bug
* [CHEF-166] - chef-server-slice rake install does not pick up
merb-core dependency correctly
* [CHEF-299] - chef client running under runit does not restart
* [CHEF-348] - chef-server-slice version isn’t tied to chef-
server when loaded
* [CHEF-355] - Test chef::rest, chef::couchdb for remote DoS due
to BigDecimal
* [CHEF-359] - Using chef-server-slice results in exceptions.rb
"superclass mismatch for class Exceptions"
* [CHEF-360] - rake tasks should copy roles
* [CHEF-362] - undefined method `sync=’ for “/var/log/chef/
server.log”:String (NoMethodError)
* [CHEF-367] - node run_list is empty when running chef-client
with a json file specifying run_list
* [CHEF-369] - chef-indexer pid and permissions
* [CHEF-372] - chef-client and chef-solo will fail to run ohai if
the node_name is explicitly configured.
* [CHEF-376] - Roles don’t save.
* [CHEF-383] - Cookies have limit of 4K.
* [CHEF-386] - ‘rake roles’ doesn’t update json files from ruby
* [CHEF-387] - deleting a role generates a 500 error in the web
* [CHEF-396] - 4k cookie limit with nginx+passenger

** Improvement
* [CHEF-361] - Init service provider currently doesn’t start a
service when the ‘restart’ action is called if the service is not
already running.
* [CHEF-363] - we should kick out logged in openids if they
become unauthorized
* [CHEF-368] - Chef README in the GitHub repo is outdated!
* [CHEF-370] - prettify /status view of uptime
* [CHEF-373] - include specs in chef gem
* [CHEF-374] - drop outdated contrib/

** New Feature
* [CHEF-274] - Add support for multiple named queues on a single
* [CHEF-381] - Ruby Block Resource

I’ve opened a new version on JIRA for 0.7.4 which is targeted for two
weeks from now, so feel free to pick up tickets marked as unknown or
0.7.4 and supply patches!

AJ Christensen, Software Engineer
Opscode, Inc.