Chef automate 2.x tutorial needed

I need to be able to use Chef automate 2.x I am not able to find a tutorial for Chef automate 2.x.
This tutorial looks like it is for Chef automate 1.8:
as it uses still automate-ctl instead of chef-automate like chef automate 2.x does.
within chef-automate i can't find a way to establish the Connection from chef automate to chef infra Server. chef-automate does not have setup command any more. How the connection from chef automate to chef infra server is done now?

Hey @TvG71!

Welcome to the Chef Discourse board. Can you take a look at this documentation and see if it suits your needs?

It should have all the context needed to get you on your way.

Of course if you have any issues, please let us know.

Thank you!