Chef-Manage -> Chef Automate

as chef-manage is deprecated and I read in the docs, that one should migrate to chef-automate, I wonder how this can be done.
I have an Automate instance running but I cannot find the information that is provided in chef-manage:
No node attribute view/edit, not environment manage, not cookbook version pinning etc etc.

Am I missing something? Do I have to configure it correctly or what am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any hints!

Nope you aren't missing anything. The chef-manage components are not available yet in the Automate deployment of chef-server components. I have heard they are working on implementing all the functionality in Automate though.

In the meantime you can accomplish most chef-manage tasks via knife commands.

Another option we are considering is deploying the chef front end services (including manage) to a single node that is not serving actual chef clients but is using the same backend services as Automate and its chef-server components (RDS/ElasticSearch).

Looks like quite a few features from manage were ported over in this latest Automate update! Just in case you didn't see it already. Doesn't look like all of them yet but they are clearly making progress.