Chef #automate installation

While installing chef automate from docs,
While Deploying the chef automate, by
sudo ./chef-automate deploy config.toml

I am getting this error:

Error: setup failed: creating hab user failed: "useradd: existing lock file /etc/shadow.lock without a PID\nuseradd: cannot Lock /etc/shadow; try again later.\n": exit status 1
DeployError: Unable to install, configure and start the service: exit status 1

Please let me know how this issue can be resolved.
Thank you.

@Rishabh_07 - Basically this an indication something on your system has created a lock for /etc/shadow. If you are sure something hasn’t placed a lock on that file for a reason and you experience the issue again I would suggest removing the lock file.

Removing the lock on shadow file worked. Thanks😊