Having issues creating a user with pivotal

root@automate:/hab/svc/automate-cs-oc-erchef/data# chef-server-ctl user-create indeco indeco indeco seun.adegbite@interswitchng.com 'Password12' --filename indecocef.pem
ERROR: You authenticated successfully to https://localhost:10200/ as pivotal but you are not authorized for this action.
ERROR: There are proxy servers configured, your server url may need to be added to NO_PROXY.
bundler: failed to load command: /hab/pkgs/chef/chef-server-ctl/14.15.10/20220516082536/chef/bin/knife (/hab/pkgs/chef/chef-server-ctl/14.15.10/20220516082536/chefbin/knife)