Chef Automate Release 0.7.151

We are pleased to announce release 0.7.151 of Chef Automate. The release is available for download from

New Features

Password Reset Token
There is a new automate-ctl command that issues a temporary token and URL to allow users to reset their passwords via the GUI as an alternative to an admin typing in the password via the automate-ctl reset-password command. The new command is documented here.

Support for macOS Runners
Chef Automate can now support runners for workflow job dispatch on macOS 10.12. Installation follows the same procedure as Linux runners. Note that macOS is not a supported platform for the Chef Automate server.

Anonymized Usage Tracking
As of this release, Chef Automate will be able to send anonymized product usage data back to Chef. Chef will use that data to improve Chef Automate.

Server administrators are able to control data collection in Chef Automate on a per-server basis, via the automate-ctl command-line application. If per-server data collection has been disabled, Chef Automate will not share any usage data with Chef from this server, or from any users who log into this server (regardless of their individual settings).

If per-server data collection is enabled, every person who logs into Chef Automate will be asked to decide if they want to share anonymized product usage data with Chef. No usage data will be collected until people have expressed this preference, by leaving a checkbox filled and closing a modal. By default, the preference will be to allow usage data collection, but no usage data is collected or shared until after the modal is dismissed.

The latest information about Chef’s data collection policies will always be available at

Completion of UI Updates
The Chef Automate UI has gotten a refresh. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel.

Resolved Issues

  • Previous versions of Chef Automate did not correctly detect or support Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) for job runners.
  • Improved detection and error messaging from preflight check when netstat is missing on CentOS systems.
  • Navigating forward and backward through the converge history on nodes with several pages of historical data now works correctly.
  • Saving and sharing searches in the nodes view now works correctly.
  • The “About Automate” dialog box no longer defaults to appearing on every login until the checkbox is unset.