Chef Compliance 1.9.2 released


Ohai Compliance friends,

Chef Compliance 1.9.2 is now available from the Chef downloads site. This is a minor release update which is recommended for all users of Chef Compliance. Here are the enhancements and bug fixes included in this release:


  • Profiles uploads, updates, and delete operations are now subject to authorization (see below)
  • Includes InSpec 1.19.2 with improvements and fixes.

Profile authorization changes

Compliance profiles can be viewed and used by all users of the system. However, any changes to compliance profiles, including the upload of new profiles, modification of existing content, and removal of profiles, are now governed by the following rules:

  • Users may create, modify or remove their own profile. Example: The user john may create, modify, or delete profiles assigned to his namespace, e.g. john/best-profile
  • A user may create, modify or remove other user or team profiles if they have the permission “Site management” assigned.
  • A user may create, modify or remove profiles of an organization if they are part of a team with “Node and profile management” permissions

Upgrade instructions

Upgrade instructions for Chef Compliance are found here. Download is available at the Chef downloads site.

– Dominik