Chef Downloads and Hashes

On the page, I see that in the Windows section the hash is the same for all of the various operating system versions. Does this mean that I only need to download one of these and that they will adequately cover all Windows OS versions that contain the same file hash?

To see what I mean, go to the downloads page for the Chef DK and look at the Windows section. You’ll see that every OS platform version sub-section contains the same file hash as the others.

Yes, where appropriate we build a single installer and then test it on all the listed platform versions. But that’s not always the case - note for example that Enterprise Linux 6 and 7 installers are different.
So the answer is yes, that as long as the metadata we provide says the same thing you can know that we’ve tested that same artifact on all versions, but you need to confirm that that’s the case.

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Thanks for this information.