Chef Habitat 1.5.86 released!

We are happy to announce the release of Chef Habitat 1.5.86!

In this release we have some improvements to the CLI and Supervisor with regard to package uninstalls in order to better manage disk space usage. There is now an optional --keep-latest-packages flag added to the hab sup run command. The flag takes a number indicating the number of latest versions to keep on disk. If the flag is omitted then no packages will be uninstalled. The Supervisor will perform the uninstall when a service is started or updated. This will include all package dependencies of the package being uninstalled as long as they are not depended upon by other packages not included in the packages being uninstalled.

For example, given hab sup run --keep-latest-packages=3, only the latest 3 versions of the services you run will be kept on disk.

Note that if you provide the --keep-latest-packages flag and you have many previous versions on disk, there is a possibility that service startup may be slow as it is uninstalling all of the applicable packages. To avoid such a startup cost, you can preemptively uninstall packages using the hab pkg uninstall command.

We have also added a --keep-latest flag to the hab pkg uninstall command. This flag takes a number indicating the number of latest versions to keep on disk. If you want to uninstall all versions then provide the number 0. If the flag is not provided, only the latest release of the package identifier given will be uninstalled, which has been the command’s behavior prior to this release.

Be sure to read on for additional changes! If you just want the binaries, head on over to Install Habitat . Thanks!

1.5.86 (2020-04-08)

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